SHE’S A FRAUD: Dr. Ford Lied About Flying, Tight Spaces, Closed Quarters, Polygraph Tests and Never Mentioned Sexual Assault to Boyfriend


Dr. Christine Ford testified last Thursday that she was assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a teenager at an unknown house, in an unknown neighborhood, at an unknown time, at an unknown place. Ford also alleged three to four others were at the party but she wasn’t sure.

Tonight Christine Ford’s former boyfriend dropped a bomb!


Her former boyfriend wrote the US Senate and told them Christine Ford coached a friend on how to pass a polygraph test.

This is in direct conflict with Christine Ford’s testimony under oath to the the US Senate.

This is a very bad development for Dr. Christine Ford because this not what she told the Senate Judiciary Committee under oath.
Christine Ford lied under oath!

The boyfriend wrote the Judiciary Committee about the relationship:

– Ford never mentioned sexual assault
– Ford never mentioned Kavanaugh
– Ford not scared of confined spaces
– Ford not scared of flying
– Ford knew how to beat polygraph
– Ford cheated on him/committed fraud

Here is the letter to Grassley via Benny Johnson:

It appears the Dr. Christine Ford is in very serious trouble.
Ms. Ford will face serious consequences for the committing perjury.

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