Sen. Tim Kaine Calls for Democrats to ‘Fight in the Streets’ — Then Gets Loomered at DC Bar (VIDEO)

Senator Tim Kaine calls for “fighting in the streets,” then gets Loomered!

Laura Loomer confronting liberal Sen. Tim Kaine (photo by Dr. Jane Ruby)

Back in March 2017 Senator Tim Kaine’s youngest son Linwood ‘Woody” Kaine was arrested at the Minnesota State Capitol after disrupting a pro-Trump rally.

Woody joined an Antifa mob that was hurling punches and spraying Trump supporters with pepper spray inside the capitol. Kaine was arrested during the mob violence.


Booking photo of Linwood Kaine. (Ramsey County sheriff’s office)

Linwood “Woody” Kaine, of Minneapolis, was later charged with one gross misdemeanor count of obstructing the legal process and misdemeanor counts of fleeing on foot and concealing his identity in public.

On Tuesday of this week Tim Kaine, father of Woody, called on his fellow Democrats to “fight in the streets.”

On Wednesday evening at a campaign event in Virginia, investigative reporter Laura Loomer confronted Senator Tim Kaine on his violent rhetoric and violent Antifa son.

Laura Loomer got up in Tim Kaine’s face and asked him how it felt to be confronted out in public like what he is promoting.

“Your son is a member of Antifa, a domestic terrorist organization,” Loomer said to Tim Kaine. “Cory Booker said to get in your face and ask you questions,” Loomer added.

Video via Laura Loomer:

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