Sen. Lindsey Graham: Democrat Mob Spit on Me During Kavanaugh Hearing (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined FOX and Friends on Tuesday to discuss current issues and the upcoming elections. During the conversation Graham admitted that Democrat protesters spit at him during the Kavanaugh hearings inside the Capitol building.

Sen. Graham: This election is down to simple things. Are you for what they did to Kavanaugh? Are you for having your government run by a mob or the rule of law – person is presumed innocent? What kind of country do you want and who do you want to run it? Do you want these people who spit on me and yell at me to be in charge or do you want a more orderly process?…

Steve Doocy: Who spit on you?

Sen. Graham: Oh, people in the hall.

Steve Doocy: Seriously?

Sen. Graham: Yeah, spit at me.

Via FOX and Friends:

Jobs – Not – Mobs

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