UPDATE: US Counter Terrorism Investigating Apparent ISIS Flag on CNN/Brennan Mail Bomb

UPDATE AT END. Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay posted a tweet with an interesting observation: the mail bomb addressed to former Obama CIA Director John Brennan in care of CNN’s New York City bureau on Wednesday appears to bear an image of the flag of the Islamist terrorist group ISIS.

“This looks like an ISIS flag on the pipebomb sent to CNN/Brennan”




(Note there are several different images of the Brennan/CNN mail bomb being published.)

Different vantage point of device posted by CNN.


Also, the lack of a postmark on the package was explained as it was delivered by courier, reported CNN’s Kate Hinman.

“Law enforcement sources tell the package sent to CNN was delivered by courier, not mailed.”

More clues for investigators to pursue.

UPDATE: Voice of America reporter Jeff Seldin, “Latest from US CT official on the suspected bombs sent to , other high-profile Democrats & : “It’s early…We don’t have any indication that there’s a nexus to international terrorism”…”US counterterrorism officials aware of what looks like it could be an flag on suspected bomb sent to -as tweeted out in this photo from CNN-and is looking into it. BUT official say the early assessment of no indication of a nexus to international terror remains”

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