New Low: Rapper T.I. Releases Video of First Lady Melania Trump Performing Strip Tease for Him in Oval Office (VIDEO) — STILL ON TWITTER!

Last week rapper Kanye West donned a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, visited the Oval Office and praised President Trump for his work in the black community.

This did not sit well with Democrats who need at least 75% of the black vote to win elections these days. The black vote makes up at least 25% of the Democrat vote.

Luckily for Democrats they still have rapper T.I..


Rapper T.I. released a disgusting video of First Lady Melania Trump doing a strip tease for him in the Oval Office. Then he leads her naked to one of the bedrooms.

The vile video was posted on Twitter at 7:53 PM on Saturday night. The video has 1.3 million views. The tweet has been up for nearly two days. Twitter has not removed the tweet nor suspended the account.

Being a nasty vulgar Democrat has its perks in the world of Twitter.

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