Racist NBC Lashes Out at “White Women” After Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote

Can you imagine this headline written about any other race?

NBC blamed white women for the Kavanaugh vote.

Five white female lawmakers believe in due process and failed to see the evidence necessary to destroy an innocent man and now NBC is singling them out and bullying them.


According to NBC — White people – especially white women – are bad.

This is the modern day Democrat Party and their media.

Here is more from the NBC opinion piece by Sophia Nelson:

So, we end up where we began.

Things have not changed for women as much as we had all hoped.

For weeks, President Donald Trump, Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans and women like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway have repeatedly sought new and inventive ways to defend the indefensible, moving heaven and earth to protect white privilege and patriarchy.

This effort was sadly exemplified by the speech Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, gave on Friday afternoon. Collins’ decision to vote to confirm Kavanaugh put a dispiriting exclamation point on something I’ve known for quite some time: The Republican party has turned its back on women.

The Democrat Party no longer believes in the rule of law even when the evidence is obvious. They only believe in mob justice and power.

President Trump was right last night when he called the Democrat Party the “party of crime.”
He forgot to mention they are the party of racist bullies, too.

Hat tip Jeff

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