OUCH! Sarah Sanders Drop Kicks Jim Acosta: “I Don’t Have a Problem Stating Facts. I know That Is Something You Have a Problem With” (VIDEO)

The liberal Democrat media was very upset today after President Trump mocked Christine Ford’s sketchy accusations against Brett Kavanaugh last night during his rally in Mississippi.

Of course, this is the same corrupt media that has condemned Judge Kavanaugh from day one of the 36-year-old uncorroborated account by Christine Ford.

White House Press Secretary told CNN’s Jim Acosta that the president was just stating the facts last night.


Jim Acosta: You don’t have a problem defending the president’s comments last night? with what he said?

Sarah Sanders: I don’t have any problem stating facts. No. John?… I know that is something you probably do have a problem with.


This never gets old. Thank you, Sarah!

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