Obama Ridicules Fears Over Migrant Caravans Headed to US (Video)

Campaigning in Wisconsin on Friday for Democrats running in next month’s mid-term elections, former President Barack Obama ridiculed Americans who are fearful of the migrant caravans headed to the United States via Mexico and the politicians who are making stopping mass illegal immigration a campaign issue.

Several caravans comprised of thousands of migrants mostly from Central America are currently making their way from Honduras through Guatemala and on into Mexico with the goal of claiming asylum in the United States.

Obama spoke in a haughty, comedic voice, raising his pitch and using his arms and hands to make exaggerated points of ridicule.

Screen images of an animated Obama making fun of concerns about mass illegal immigration:

(Transcribed by Kristinn Taylor.)

“That’s the, that’s the thing, the most important thing in the election. Not healthcare, not, not uh, whether or not folks are able to retire. Not, not, you know, doing something about higher wages. Rebuilding our roads and bridges, puttin’ people back to work. Suddenly, it’s this group of folks–we don’t even know where they are, they’re way down there! (Laughter) That’s the biggest thing. (Pause)

“And you know as soon as the election’s over…eh, everyone’ll be like, ‘What, wha, what happened? We were being invaded. Where, where’d it go? (Laughter) And if, you know what? It would be funny except they do it every time and too often it works. Eh, everybody gets all freaked out! And we gotta stop falling for this stuff. We, we’re like Charlie Brown with the football. (Laughter) You can’t fall for that okie-doke! Don’t be hoodwinked, don’t be bamboozled! Wisconsin, don’t fall for that kind of fearmongering!”

Video posted by ABC News.

Politico posted a follow-up clip in which Obama accused Republicans of using the caravan as a distraction to deflect from other policies. Obama went from mocking fears of people of stealing into the US illegally to calling Republicans people who sneak into your backdoor to rob you blind.


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