MUST SEE=> Lindsey Graham Celebrates with EXPLODING FIST BUMP After Kavanaugh Cloture Vote on Senate Floor! (Video)

Who would have EVER guessed that after the chaos in Washington DC the past two weeks that Senator Lindsey Graham would come out on top as the Republican hero?

Lindsey ripped Democrats for purposefully destroying the name and reputation of a good and decent man during the Kavanaugh testimony.

Graham continued to defend Judge Brett Kavanaugh after the deluge of attacks by Democrat senators and far left activists including Michael Avenatti.
And Lindsey quickly became a target.


Via Benny Johnson.

But Lindsey never wavered.

And Lindsey celebrated on Friday with an exploding fist bump on the Senate floor!

The fist bump was filmed on Friday after the cloture vote.

FYI — You can tell the vote was on Friday because of the woman in the yellow jacket.

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