Midterm 2018 NEW JERSEY: Bob Hugin vs. Robert Menendez

New Jersey is the bluest of states.

A Democrat incumbent running for reelection to the US Senate should win hands down.

Unless you are Robert Menendez.


The hyper liberal, crooked Senator is suffering from voter turnoff.

Even his Democrat allies loathe him.

His campaign is now weakened with lack of funds and is considered “shaky.”


It is because Menendez is a sleaze.

He is saddled with very negative ratings all caused by his character.

His ethics troubles are legion and the legal case against him is extensive. Look at his recent trial!

He smells to high heaven.

In any other state they would vote the BUM out.

Will NJ act?

This race is now a statistical dead heat.

The Republican challenger Bob Hugin is a political newcomer and former biopharma executive.

He represents an American success story.

From humble beginnings, Hugin has gone on to live the American Dream.

The native of New Jersey was a marine. He served his country. He is a fighter for health care and for community.

He is independent but pro-business. He likes the Trump economy.

Topple Menendez.

Send the message.

Make this viral in the Garden State.

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