Midterm 2018 WEST VIRGINIA: Joe Manchin vs. Patrick Morrisey

West Virginia voted for Trump by 42 points.

Did you read that? 42 points!

The slick Democrat US Senator Joe Manchin is up for reelection in 2018. He has become part of the Washington inside crowd and the political class

He is in the race for his life because while he moderates his views publicly, he votes with Chuck Schumer and the left most of the time.

He NEEDS to be replaced by a safe and reliable pair of hands.

Manchin is the most vulnerable Red State Democrat in the entire US Senate.

The Republican challenger is West Virginia’s Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey. He is a total backer of President Trump and America First.

We need to FLIP West Virginia.

Manchin has the big money — most of it from out of state and is out spending his Republican opponent by 9 to 1.

But a Senator Morrisey would be a VERY good ally to President Trump and West Virginians have to step up and take back THEIR seat

Morrisey is 100% conservative and Manchin is NOT.

Joe Manchin was a huge supporter of both Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

Don’t forget it!

Joe Manchin has watched idly as West Virginia lost jobs.

As many in the state say, Joe Manchin has “GONE WASHINGTON.”

He is in bed with Chuck Schumer and he is bad on coal, bad on jobs, bad on health care, bad on taxes, and pretends to be a middle of the roader.

His voting record suggests — no such thing.

Don’t be fooled.

Vote Joe out!

Make this viral in West Virginia.

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