Midterm 2018 – PENNSYLVANIA House: Brian Fitzpatrick (R) vs. Scott Wallace (D) – Wallace Reportedly Belonged to Anti-Semitic Club in South Africa

This House race in Pennsylvania should be a no-brainer. Republican Brian Fitzpatrick holds a slim lead but maybe that’s because not enough people know what an awful candidate Democrat Scott Wallace is.

According to a recent report from FOX News, Wallace was once part of a club in South Africa which is anti-Semitic and anti-black:

Dem candidate was member of anti-Semitic, anti-black club in South Africa that invited Apartheid figure ‘Dr Death’ for ‘motivational talk’

Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania, was a member of a controversial private club in South Africa that used to discriminate against Jewish and black people and invited controversial speakers, including former head of the Apartheid chemical and biological warfare program.

Wallace, grandson of a former vice president who’s running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District against Republican incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, has been living in South Africa since the mid-2000s and has called it his “second country.”

During his time in the country, sometime around 2014, Wallace became a member of the Kelvin Grove club in Cape Town, an exclusive members-only club whose motto is “Respecting The Past, Embracing The Future.”

Another report about Wallace indicates he gave Obama a ton of cash and asked him for an ambassadorship:

Top Dem candidate who said money ‘corrupts’ politics donated $100G to Obama and asked for US ambassadorship

A liberal millionaire now running for Congress in Pennsylvania — and railing against the influence of money in politics — has a history of making large donations to former President Barack Obama’s campaign and other efforts.

Scott Wallace, grandson of a former vice president of Franklin Roosevelt — who’s running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District against Republican incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick — gave more than $100,000 to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and Presidential Inaugural Committee and also asked top administration official John Podesta to appoint him as U.S. Ambassador in South Africa.

Here’s where the race stands now, according to the Washington Free Beacon:

GOP Rep. Fitzpatrick Opens Up Lead Over Scott Wallace In Toss-up Pa. Race

First-term Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick, who is being challenged by Democratic candidate Scott Wallace in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district, has opened up a slight lead in the toss-up race.

Fitzpatrick is currently garnering the support of 50 percent of likely voters in the district to Wallace’s 46 percent of support, according to a new poll from Monmouth University. The poll was conducted between Sep. 27 and Oct. 1.

Fitzpatrick, a moderate Republican, is ahead of Wallace despite Hillary Clinton carrying the district in 2016. The district, which was formerly the 8th congressional district in the state, was made even more Democratic following redrawn congressional lines in the state earlier this year.

“When you look at the underlying political environment in this district, you would expect the Democrat to be ahead,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “But Fitzpatrick has been able to overcome this with a solid reputation among his constituents, while many remain uncertain about Wallace.”

This is an easy choice, Pennsylvania.

Vote Fitzpatrick!


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