Midterm 2018 OHIO: Sherrod Brown vs. Jim Rennaci

Should Ohio vote for a far Leftist for yet another term in the US Senate?

Trump won Ohio and there is only one statewide Democrat left in office.

Sen. Sherrod Brown has one of the most Far Left voting records in the entire US Senate. He should not go back to Washington.


He opposes Trump on EVERYTHING.

He vehemently voted against Judge Kavanaugh.

Sherrod Brown has been accused of alleged domestic abuse and yet neither his Democrat party nor the voters seem to take the charges seriously.

He is running against a conservative, solid Middle American congressman, Jim Rennaci.

Jim has a consistent record of supporting Trump and America First.

The polls have Brown slightly ahead.


He does not deserve another term and is not representing the hard working, pro-American people of the good state of Ohio.

He does not share their Midwestern values.

Brown actually started his political career as a Yalie in 1972 volunteering for George McGovern.

He is now a career politician.

He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act and proudly wears the badge of Progressive.

Closely aligned with socialist Bernie Sanders, Brown has received the most liberal member of Congress standing for years and years.

He opposed the 2017 Tax Bill, which gave Ohioans more jobs, more money in their pockets and a booming economy.

Brown must go.

Putting Republican Rennaci into the US Senate is the Ohio buckeye thing to do!

Make this viral in Ohio!

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