Midterm 2018 NORTH DAKOTA: Heidi Heitkamp vs. Kevin Cramer

Heidi Heitkamp is a first term Democrat Senator running for re-election.

She should lose.

North Dakota is a conservative Midwestern state.


It backed Trump and continues to do so.

Heitkamp is out of step with the people and values of her state. She votes with Chuck Schumer the majority of the time, even if she tries to back foot it.

She voted AGAINST Judge Kavanaugh.

Her opponent is conservative Republican US Representative, Kevin Cramer.

He votes with Trump all the time and supports America First.

Heitkamp has been called the MOST VUNERABLE Democrat in the whole US Senate.

She should be!

Again, Trump won North Dakota by 36 points!

Cramer’s the better champion for the state’s fossil fuel industries.

He has solid conservative bona fides.

Cramer cares about cutting taxes, defending the Constitution, and he seeks to repeal the estate tax, so important to family farmers.

He opposes abortion and Planned Parenthood.

He should be the next Senator for North Dakotans.

The state will prosper. American will prosper.

Send her home…

Make this viral in North Dakota.

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