Midterm 2018 MONTANA: Jon Tester vs. Matt Rosendale

Big Sky country needs a new US Senator.

The one they have is a loony Democrat out of touch with the people of Montana. He does not share western rancher-farmer individualist values and has caved to the powers that be in Washington, DC.

He votes against Trump.


He voted against Judge Kavanaugh.

Tester must go.

Incumbent Jon Tester is running for his life and well he should be.

His opponent, Republican State Auditor Matt Rosendale, is a true Montanan.

He is business savvy and can crunch the numbers.

He is not part of a globalist elitist socialist cabal that is trying to take over America.

The pollsters call it a “toss up.”

It shouldn’t be!

Trump won Montana by 20 points.

The President has gone to two rallies with overflow crowds to back Rosendale. But the people must turn out and vote.

Remember Tester was a ‘YES’ man for Obama and backed Hilary.

Don’t be fooled he always votes against the conservatives.

He is an anti-business prairie progressive.

He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You get it?

He ain’t no moderate and there is no room for moderation in the new extremist Democrat- Socialist party.

Test takes more money from lobbyists and big banks than he lets on.

In fact, he is the top recipient of lobbyist money in the whole US Senate.

Bought and Paid For.

Is this what Montana deserves?

Get on your horse, ride your jeep and take your grandmother and kids to rid Montana of Tester.

Make this viral in Big Sky country!

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