HATE HOAX: Troubled Lesbian Sent Herself Death Threats That She Mysteriously Found in Her Own Desk

Call off the Liberal Mobs… It was all a hoax.

Troubled lesbian Anna Ayers admitted she sent herself the death threats she found in her desk drawer.

The Post reported this earlier:

An LGBTQ Ohio University Student Senate member has received a death threat, and Student Senate leadership believes the threat likely came from another senate member.

Anna Ayers, commissioner of the Senate Appropriations Commission, found two notes in the drawer of her desk in the Student Senate office. On Sept. 27, she found a “hateful, harassing” note referencing her LGBTQ identity and calling her a derogatory term. On Monday, Ayers found another note in her desk that included a threat against her life.

The note likely came from someone within Student Senate, Student Senate President Maddie Sloat said. Anyone can enter the senate office, but whoever left the note had to know which desk belonged to Ayers, who is a member of The Post Publishing Board.

The Post reported this update on Wednesday.


Editor’s note: On Monday, Anna Ayers was arrested and charged with three counts of making false alarms. An Ohio University Police Department investigation found that Ayers placed the three threatening notes herself prior to reporting them to police. Click here for the most recent reporting.

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