GRASSLEY ERUPTS! — GOES OFF on Far Left Media Hacks for Bias Against Brett Kavanaugh (VIDEO)

GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell along with Republican Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and several Republican senators held a press conference this afternoon on Capitol Hill.

After the initial statements the GOP senators took a few questions.

Senator Chuck Grassley went off on the liberal reporters after the several negative questions on Judge Kavanaugh and this week’s FBI investigation.

Senator Grassley, “What I’d like to do when we get all done. Because this is almost rock bottom. I would like to have the future mending things so that we can do things in a collegial way that the United States Senate ought to do in particularly when it comes to Supreme Court nominations. And you folks can have something to do with this. Now, I would never use the word ‘fake news.’ I consider you folks policemen for our democratic system of government. But I want to show you where some of you have bias. I’ve had demonstrators in my office for two weeks now. Both for Kavanaugh and against Kavanaugh. And one time the people for Kavanaugh wanted to be interviewed. And they said we are only interested in interviewing people against Kavanaugh! Now that’s a bias that none of you should be proud of!


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