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Friday, July 19, 2019
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FBI and DOJ Didn’t Catch Yesterday’s Indicted Leakers (Treasury IG Did) but They Did Cover Up One of Their Names

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The indictment of US Treasury officials yesterday is more important than first thought. As we reported the individuals indicted have close ties to demoted DOJ lawyer Bruce Ohr and Mueller team corrupt attorney Andrew Weissman!  Is this why the FBI and DOJ covered up one of their names?

On Tuesday, 40-year-old Natalie May Edwards, the senior advisor in the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, was arrested and criminally charged for leaking confidential financial documents relating to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, the Russian embassy and accused Russian spy Maria Butina.

Ms. Edwards leaked the FinCEN documents to Jason Leopold, a reporter for BuzzFeed according to Wednesday’s announcement by Manhattan federal prosecutors. Hidden in the DOJ complaint is the fact that Edwards’s BOSS at FinCEN is a criminal co-conspirator and he holds the title of Associate Director.


Investigative reporter Sean Davis reported that there are only six positions at FinCEN with that title (associate director) –

Additional reporting from Sean Davis shows that one of the Assistant Directors at FinCEN is Thomas Ott. Mr. Ott worked for Fusion GPS collaborator Bruce Ohr at the DOJ. Also, Mr. Ott worked for RICO with Andrew Weissman at the DOJ –

Weissman is part of the Mueller ‘witch hunt’. He is known for his seedy actions in the past. Weissman destroyed thousands of Arthur Anderson lives in the early 2000’s when his actions were considered ‘over reaching’ by the courts. Unfortunately, Arthur Anderson was out of business when the verdict was received.

From a review of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Southern District of New York’s office report regarding the matter, only one individual is noted as being indicted, Ms. Edwards.  The other culprit, Ms. Edwards’s boss, the AD at FinCEN is not mentioned.

The report also reads as follows –

Treasury Department Inspector General Eric Thorson said:  “Our criminal investigators have been at the center of this investigation as a core part of our responsibility to detect and prevent threats to the integrity and efficiency of Treasury programs and operations.  We are committed to working with our law enforcement partners and with FinCEN and other Treasury officials, and appreciate their cooperation and support.”

It appears that the Treasury Departments Inspector General was behind the detection of the culprits.  However, the FBI and DOJ then stepped in and hid the mention of the co-conspirator in their press release and then hid the name of this individual in their report.

Just another example of the corrupt DOJ and FBI covering up for their own and not doing their job in the first place.  Place this on the shelf with the Las Vegas shooting, Hillary Clinton’s emails, Trump – Russia collusion, etc…

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