DNA Tests Prove Elizabeth Warren Only Has 1/1024th Indian Heritage and Is a Fraud — Liberal Media Reports the Opposite

Who are you going to believe?
Your stinking eyes?… Or the fake Indian and fake news media who supports her?

On Monday Senator Warren released a DNA study where she claims she is 1/512th 1/1024th Native American.

The Boston Globe later issued a correction to their initial report — The DNA test revealed that Elizabeth Warren is not 1/512 Native American, she’s 1/1,024. That’s 0.0009765625.

Warren actually has less Indian in her bloodline than most Caucasian Americans.

But that hasn’t stopped Warren from promoting this lie over the years.
Here’s a memorable flashback—
Watch Elizabeth Warren lied in 2012 about her parents eloping because her mother was “Cherokee.”
Her mother was AT MOST 1/512th Native American — Hardly a reason to elope!

Despite being caught as a fraud with the release of these dubious test results — the liberal Fake News media is reporting the opposite.

As you read these headlines remember that this woman has less Native American than 123,000,000 white Americans and lied about it for years and IS STILL lying about it today.




Warren NBC News

Fake News Washington Post

And the list goes on and on an on…

The liberal media will lie about anything to defend a top Democrat.
Never forget that.

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