Disgusting! Democrat Leader Pelosi Compares Judge Kavanaugh to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi spoke at an Anti-Kavanaugh protest in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Pelosi condemned Republicans for their treatment of Judge Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford. Ford accused Kavanaugh of groping her 36 years ago at an unknown place and time. The only alleged witnesses all refuted the claim even her good friend of several years who has NEVER been at ANY party with Brett Kavanaugh.

Democrats want to destroy Judge Kavanaugh over these baseless accusations.


Nancy Pelosi compared Judge Kavanaugh to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Nancy Pelosi: The only person who doesn’t have to be vetted is the president. And it is pretty clear that he could not withstand a vetting. And he talks about being in love with Kim Jong Un and thinking Kavanaugh is a great guy, upstanding this or that. I guess there’s a similarity that people have with people they respect – Crazy about Putin! In love with Kim Jong Un! Thinks Kavanaugh is a great upstanding person.

How disgusting!
The FBI found not ONE SHRED of evidence against Judge Kavanaugh.
But that means nothing to Pelosi and the Democrats.


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