Disgusting: AP Publishes Long Screed Comparing President Trump to Failed Package “Bomber” Cesar Sayoc

The Associated Press published a long screed on Sunday comparing President Trump to failed package “bomber” Cesar Sayoc.

AP writer Raphael Satter accuses the failed “bomber” Sayoc and President Trump of sharing the same conspiracy theories.

This is the same news organization that pushed the most notorious and egregious conspiracy in history for two years — The Trump-Russian collusion lies.

This is why Americans don’t trust the biased liberal media.

Via the AP:


Sayoc’s hallucinatory world, pieced together by The Associated Press from the digital residue of his now-disabled Twitter accounts, gives a hint of the toxic news diet of the Florida man who stands accused of mailing pipe bombs to more than a dozen of the United States’ most prominent left-leaning public figures. But Sayoc’s stew of animal gore and partisan hate does more than provide insight into the man arrested in his van in Miami on Friday. It also gives a taste of how conspiracy theories are finding an increased salience in American public sphere — and a sometime-eager purveyor in the White House.

“They are more prominent in our political discourse,” said Joseph Uscinski, the co-author of “American Conspiracy Theories,” who explained that President Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016 in part by bringing “conspiracy-minded Republicans” to the polling booths.

Trump has since disavowed one of his trademark conspiracies — the lie that Barak Obama was born in Kenya — but he continues to cling to others, including the false claims that he saw thousands of New Jersey Muslims celebrating the Sept. 11 attacks on television and that millions of undocumented immigrants voted for his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“You have to dance with the person who takes you to the prom,” said Uscinski. “He has to keep motivating these people, keep speaking their language.”

It’s a language that can easily tip into paranoia and violent threats, Sayoc’s posts suggest.

This was a disgusting report by the AP.
These leftist hacks have no clue on how offensive they come off to conservatives and independents.

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