Democrat Election Enthusiasm Edge Evaporates Overnight After Appalling Kavanaugh Attacks – 60% Want Him Confirmed

Brett Kavanaugh uncorroborated liberal accusers: Ramirez, Ford and Swetnick

In the last month Democrats have dragged out over six far left accusers of Brett Kavanaugh. The first accuser claimed Kavanaugh groped her over her swimsuit at an unknown time and place at a fantasy party. By the end of the next week Kavanaugh was accused of serial gang-rape by a scam artist.

Suddenly — in one month — the Democrat midterm enthusiasm edge has evaporated.

As Democrats continue to promote their mob justice against an innocent man more and more Republicans commit to vote in November.

NPR released these polling numbers today:

Far left NPR insists the enthusiasm gap has closed which likely means Republicans are ahead by 5 to 10 points.

And Americans are NOT BUYING the slimy Democratic attacks on Brett Kavanaugh.

60 percent of Americans want Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court if he is likely cleared of sexual misconduct.

Via Breitbart:

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of 1,330 registered voters also found some other interesting nuggets that are good news for Kavanaugh and his supporters.

The top line numbers show that 40 percent found only Christine Blasey Ford’s Thursday testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee “credible.” Ford testified that when they were both teenagers, Kavanaugh attempted to assault her at a 1982 house party.

By comparison, only 23 percent said they found only Kavanaugh’s rebuttal testimony “credible.”

However, 27 percent of those polled found both Kavanaugh and Ford “credible,” which means a total of 50 percent found Kavanaugh credible, compared to 67 percent for Ford.

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