BUSTED! GOP and Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Knew Christine Ford COACHED FRIEND on Polygraph Before Hearing — THEN CAUGHT HER LYING DURING TESTIMONY

Social media was set ablaze Tuesday night after a former long-time boyfriend of Dr. Christine Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he witnessed Dr. Ford coaching a friend named Monica McLean on how to take a polygraph examination.

This is in direct conflict with Christine Ford’s testimony under oath to the the US Senate.

The boyfriend, who has since been identified as Brian Merrick, wrote the Judiciary Committee about the relationship:

– Ford never mentioned sexual assault
– Ford never mentioned Kavanaugh
– Ford not scared of confined spaces
– Ford not scared of flying
– Ford knew how to beat polygraph
– Ford cheated on him/committed fraud


Here is the letter to Grassley via Benny Johnson:

Now this…
On Saturday September 29, 2018, investigative journalist Paul Sperry tweeted out that the FBI had interviewed Christine Blasey Ford’s ex-boyfriend Brian Merrick.

This was on Saturday after the Thursday Ford testimony.

Fred Walton pointed out that the two dated in the 1990s.

So this is likely the same boyfriend who wrote the letter to Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley.

Brian Merrick was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for their article on Christine Blasey Ford that was published on September 19th — EIGHT DAYS before her testimony in the Judiciary hearing.

And on September 26th, the day before her testimony in Washington DC, the Malibu Times wrote about Ford’s relationship with Brian Merrick.

Ford was a Malibu resident; she attended Pepperdine University in 1991 and received a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She later taught at the university between 1995 and 1998.

During this time, she dated fellow Pepperdine student Brian Merrick, who is part of one of Malibu’s founding families as the youngest son of the late Judge John Merrick.

The two dated for eight years, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. During their relationship, Merrick stated Ford had never mentioned the assault.

It now seeme likely that the Judiciary Committee KNEW that Christine Blasey Ford dated Brian Merrick and KNEW she coached a friend to take a polygraph test years earlier.

Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell knew this and walked Christine Ford into a nest of lies.
Via Charles Cooke at National Review:

it seems clear that Rachel Mitchell knew some of this during last week’s Senate hearing, because she asked Ford two extremely specific questions on the subject of polygraphs. They were:

MITCHELL: Had — have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?

FORD: Never.


MITCHELL: Have you ever had discussions with anyone, beside your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph?

FORD: Never.

Ford also told Mitchell that she was “scared” of the test, and “didn’t expect it to be as long it was going to be.”

Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell and the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee knew Ford lied about the polygraph tests.

Michell gave Christine Ford enough rope to hang herself… And she did.

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