Brooklyn Witches Put Hex on Trump, Kavanaugh — Burn Their Effigies in Ritual (VIDEO)

About 60 people met at Catland bookstore in Brooklyn on Saturday to put a hex on the newest Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

Dakota Bracciale, co-owner of Catland, spoke with Jesse Watters on FOX News on Saturday night.

Image from the Catland Facebook page.


Bracciale described the hex and caldron they used in the process.

The Catland witches also hexed President Trump last year. Trump still went on to have one of the most successful years in presidential history.
Bracciale said they will burn an effigy of Justice Kavanaugh.

Here is video of the Satanic ritual.
Thank God there are several more thousand prayer warriors in support of our leaders.
(Warning on content)

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