BREAKING: Senator Jeff Flake Says He Will Vote YES to Confirm Kavanaugh Tomorrow

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said he will be voting YES to confirm Judge Kavanaugh on Saturday.

Friday morning, three of four swing Senators voted 51 to 49 to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a final vote on confirmation on Saturday.

Senators Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Democrat Joe Manchin voted “yes” to advance Judge Kavanaugh to a final vote on Saturday.

RINO Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski voted “no” to advance Kavanaugh nomination.


The confirmation vote will begin around 5 PM ET on Saturday evening.

PERGRAM: GOP AZ Sen Flake says he will vote yea on Kavanaugh tomorrow “unless something big changes..but anyway I’m glad we had a better process. We needed a better process.”

This is a breaking story…please refresh page for updates.

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