Apologies for the recent change….

On Thursday we moved to a different commenting system. We received hundreds of emails after implementing the change. Today we decided to move back to Disqus. In the future we will be more open with our changes and improvements.

As you know The Gateway Pundit is under constant assault by the left. Like most conservative publishers we wake up each morning knowing that we are being targeted by big money players who want to put us out of business. The American left today is no longer willing to discuss ideas. The left can’t win on an even playing field. So they target websites like The Gateway Pundit any way they can in an attempt to take us down. We continue to fight back. In September we spoke to Congress about Facebook’s illegal and immoral actions against conservative publishers.

Despite the constant attacks, Americans seek the truth. Our traffic numbers continue to climb.


We continue to look for ways to improve our website. We will be more careful in the future.

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