Activist Anti-Trump Attorney Debra Katz Now Says Christine Ford has Witnesses to Corroborate Her Testimony

More lies by anti-Trump activists–

Christine Ford’s attorney Debra Katz is an anti-Trump “resistance” leader.

On Thursday morning US Senators were invited to read the final report by the FBI in their investigation of groping and sexual assault charges against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Senate will vote on Judge Kavanaugh on Saturday.


The White House said they found no support in the latest FBI investigation for the last minute sexual abuse charges against Judge Kavanaugh.

Despite this the attorneys for Christine Ford are outraged that the FBI investigation was not as extensive as they requested.

On Thursday morning Attorney Debra Katz released a new statement claiming Ford has witnesses to corroborate her testimony.

Of course this is just another lie by Ford and Katz.

The only alleged “witnesses” to the assault signed statements under penalty of perjury that they did not witness such a crime and that they have NO RECOLLECTION of the gathering in question. Ford’s close high school friend Leland Keyser said she had never been at any party with Brett Kavanaugh.

So this is just the latest attempt by Ford and Katz to delay the vote on Brett Kavanaugh.
Sorry Katz.

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