Will GOP Allow Democrat Allies Code Pink and Women’s March to Turn Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing Into Screeching Circus?

With a new hearing set for Monday to hear testimony from accuser Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh about an alleged uncorroborated drunken high school party sex assault, will the Republican majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee allow protesters from Democrat Party allied groups Code Pink and the Women’s March to turn the hearing into a screeching circus of mayhem as they did during the initial Kavanaugh hearings?

The Women’s March posted it’s promise to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearings–a promise they fulfilled with over 200 protesters arrested during the four days of hearings held at the beginning of the month.

Via Reuters:


In an unusually intense episode of civil disobedience on Capitol Hill, the four-day Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was targeted for “creative resistance” by liberal activist groups, said Linda Sarsour, Women’s March board member.

“This is a travesty of justice! Adjourn the hearing!” Sarsour, 38, yelled on Tuesday morning as she was the first to be taken out of the hearing room by police officers.

…Sarsour told Reuters that her group’s members accounted for 209 of the 212 arrests made Tuesday through Thursday, including nearly all of the 177 arrests within the hearing room. The majority of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct, paid a $35 fine and released”…

Code Pink protester disrupts Kavanaugh hearing:

Another Code Pink protester dressed as a human condom:

Video by Fox News reporter/anchor Shannon Bream:

Video compilation of the screeching protesters disrupting the hearings:

Will Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) let the Democrat Party protesters turn the hearing into a circus, or will he bar the public from the hearing to preserve some semblance of order and dignity to an already chaotic and undignified nomination process?

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