WATCH=> GOP Lawmakers Call on President Trump to Declassify Russia Docs

Rep. Jim Jordan stands at lectern, calls on Trump to declassify Russia docs

On Wednesday, GOP lawmakers announced they would be officially asking President Trump to issue a declassification order on all Carter Page FISA docs, Bruce Ohr 302’s and other relevant Russia docs.

Representatives Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Mark Meadows (R-NC), Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and others gathered for a news conference on Thursday and called on President Trump to throw down his ace card and declassify all the pertinent Russia docs.

“The continued attempts to hide from the public the full account of these abuses is intolerable,” Congressman Zeldin (R-NY) said in Thursday’s presser.

“We are confident that the FISA applications will prove that the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI failed to provide the FISA court with critically important information when they requested a warrant to spy on Carter Page and others,” Zeldin continued.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) went down the line and torched the FBI for all of the information they withheld from the FISA court when obtaining the Carter Page warrant.


President Trump put the Deep State on notice early Thursday morning tweeting he may issue a declassification order.

In July, heavily redacted Carter Page FISA docs were released confirming Obama’s FBI and DOJ misled the FISA courts.

Obama’s Deep State FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page in October of 2016 and three subsequent renewals in order to spy on Trump’s campaign and transition team.

It is important to note that the third FISA renewal issued in June of 2017 was signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein–ONE MONTH after he appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate ‘Trump-Russia collusion.’

There is exculpatory evidence in the 20 pages of redacted Carter Page FISA docs, says House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA).

“We need these docs declassified,” Nunes previously said to Sean Hannity.

“There is exculpatory evidence that we have seen in the classified documents that need to be declassified –the Carter Page FISA, the judges should have been presented with this exculpatory evidence the FBI and DOJ had,” Nunes told Hannity.

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