Video=>Trump Calls Out Violent Liberal Antifa Protesters: Guys With Tiny Biceps Living in Mom and Dad’s Basement

President Trump called out the violent liberal protesters known as Antifa as men with small biceps who live in the parents’ basements. Trump was speaking at a campaign rally for Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley Friday night in Springfield, Missouri.

Trump said, “The Democrat Party is held hostage by far left activists, by angry mobs, Antifa! By deep state radicals and their establishment cronies. You ever see what happens when you take the masks off Antifa? You have guys, you have guys that look like they live with mom and dad in the basement. They live in the basement of mom and dad’s home. You know what that is? That’s the size of their biceps. But they wear, they wear the tough black outfits. No I would never suggest this, but I will tell you, the’re so lucky we are peaceful. Law enforcement, military construction workers, bikers for Trump. How about bikers for Trump?…” (Transcribed by Kristinn taylor from abbreviated video clip below.)

Video below:

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