Undecided? Republican ‘Moderate’ Senators Weigh Kavanaugh’s Fate After Grueling Hearing

Four Republican ‘swing’ Senators huddled in a 30 minute meeting Thursday evening after a grueling hearing wherein Judge Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Ford delivered their testimonies and sparred with lawmakers.

Republican Senators (RINOs) Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Jeff Flake huddled for about 30 minutes before the GOP Conference meeting as soon as the Kavanaugh hearing concluded, reported FOX News Congress reporter Chad Pergram.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley scheduled a Committee vote for 9:30 AM ET Friday–the vote must still advance to a full Senate vote.

Republicans have a 51-49 majority in the Senate; Kavanaugh can afford to lose one Republican vote and VP Mike Pence would be the tie-breaker.


As of Thursday evening, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said he wants to give it some thought.

Flake would not say if he green-lighted Grassley for the Committee vote tomorrow, reported FOX News.

McConnell said the Committee will vote Friday morning.

Update: 47 GOPers are now on board with a ‘yea’ vote for Kavanaugh. Outstanding GOPers are Collins, Murkowski & Flake.

Brett Kavanaugh delivered a bold, 45-minute emotional testimony Thursday–he said “the confirmation process has become a national disgrace.”

Mr. Kavanaugh became emotional and fought back tears when he talked about how much the vicious smears have permanently destroyed his family.

Once again Kavanaugh categorically denied the allegations against him brought forth by Christine Ford.

Christine Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge of sexual abuse 36 years ago at an unknown place or time.
Since then her named witnesses, including a female friend, have ALL denied the woman’s accusations.

President Trump praised Kavanaugh Thursday and said, “The Senate must vote!”

The Republicans should confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court; he is man of integrity who spoke with conviction in Thursday’s hearing.

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