MUST SEE=> Tucker Carlson Lays Waste To Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti In Epic Interview (VIDEO)

Tucker has been trying for months to get ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Michael Avenatti to come on his show. Tonight it finally happened. Tucker tried to treat him seriously at first, noting that Avenatti is now basically running for president and commenting on politics.

Things unraveled quickly because Avenatti was angry and hostile right from the start.

This segment was amazing:

Here’s more on the exchange from the FOX News Insider:

‘You’re Exploiting Her and You Know It’: Carlson Battles Avenatti LIVE on Set

Tucker Carlson debated Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti, live on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, after weeks of trading barbs off-air.

Additionally, Carlson promised not to address Avenatti as “the creepy porn lawyer” as he has in the past.

Carlson asked Avenatti about his presidential ambitions, after Avenatti spoke at a rally after President Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin and blasted the president’s meeting.

Carlson said that Avenatti was engaging in “reckless rhetoric” and accusing Russia of “an act of war” in its alleged meddling in American elections, when Avenatti compared the allegations to posting Russian troops on its American border.

Avenatti called that accusation “ironic,” saying that it is Carlson who uses “reckless” political rhetoric.

Carlson disagreed, adding that Avenatti was recklessly “exploiting” Daniels, his client.

“You’re exploiting her and you know that,” Carlson said.

Here’s the full video:

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