Trump May Get $5 Billion In Funding For Border Wall – More Than Twice What The White House Requested

When it comes to the border wall, Democrats (and some Republicans) have stalled as much as they possibly can. Trump however, knows how important the border wall is to America’s national security, not to mention his reelection prospects. Now it looks like they might actually get the needed funding to do the work.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Trump poised to win $5 billion to build border wall

President Trump and congressional leaders have agreed to a border wall funding showdown after the upcoming November midterm elections and if he plays his cards right, it could result in $5 billion, more than twice what the White House initially sought.

While appropriations bills are moving at the fastest pace in over 20 years, with many expected to be approved by Oct. 1, the start of the fiscal year, Homeland Security funding for the wall is likely to be delayed, said officials.

Plans are already underway to approve temporary, “stopgap,” funding that will cover Homeland until its new spending is approved after the wall funding fight.

However, in a good sign for the White House, the Senate has already locked in the $1.6 billion Trump sought this year in wall construction funding in a bipartisan vote and it will be included in the stopgap bill.

The House is likely to approve $5 billion for the wall, matching Trump’s top level wish and setting up negotiations with the Senate.

This needs to happen.


You know, there would be an added benefit to starting the wall. Many of the most unhinged leftists would head down to the border to protest. That would at least get them out of the way for a while.

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