‘THE SENATE MUST VOTE!’ Pres. Trump Praises Kavanaugh Testimony as ‘Powerful, Honest and Riveting’

President Trump posted a statement Thursday evening praising the appearance by his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at the just concluded Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the uncorroborated allegation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago at a small high school party that no one else remembers attending.

It seems like ages ago when President Trump announced Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court on July 9, 2018. White House photo.

Trump wrote, “Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!”


Donald Trump, Jr., earlier also praised Kavanaugh’s appearance at the hearing, writing, “I love Kavanaugh’s tone. It’s nice to see a conservative man fight for his honor and his family against a 35 year old claim with ZERO evidence and lots of holes that amounts to nothing more than a political hit job by the Dems. Others in the GOP should take notice!”

And, “I want a man who had a family like this in the Supreme Court.

As of 7 p.m. EDT, the committee was still scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination at a 9:30 a.m. meeting Friday, according to Fox News’ Chad Pergram.

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