SOMEONE TELL OBAMA: Trump’s Approval Rating 6 POINTS HIGHER than Obama at Same Point in Presidency

Barack Obama was back in the spotlight this weekend taking jabs at President Trump and accusing his administration of racism in unprecedented attacks.

Former President Obama refused to call Donald Trump “president” in his Friday speech.

Obama is a legend in his own mind.
Only 750 people turned out to see him trash President Trump in Anaheim on Saturday.

Despite the continued anti-Trump media hysterics over the past several months — the US president’s approval rating continues to hold at 48%.

President Trump’s approval rating is currently at 48% according to Rasmussen.


Media darling Barack Obama had an approval rating of 42% on September 10, 2010.

President Trump is now 6 points ahead of Barack Obama at a similar point in his presidency.

And this is while 90% of network media coverage has been negative of President Trump.

If President Trump had just 50% positive coverage by the liberal media his approval numbers would be in the 60’s.

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