Rand Paul Calls for Investigation on Unhinged Democrats Who Doxxed Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans

Republican Senators Lee, Graham and Hatch were doxxed on Wikipedia on Thursday.

There is nothing too low for the left.

Many Republicans on the Senate Judiciary had their home addresses and phone numbers published on their Wikipedia pages Thursday.

Shortly after Lindsey Graham went off on Senate Democrats for destroying Kavanaugh’s life in order to derail his confirmation, Republicans were doxxed.


The victims included Republican Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch of Utah and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina.

The changes were made from a computer inside the US House of Representatives.

There were reports that the culprit worked inside Maxine Waters’s office but the radical Democrat denied the charges.

Senator Rand Paul, who was physically assaulted by an unhinged leftist last year, called for an investigation on the culprits behind this breach of private information.

On Sunday Maria Bartiromo and Lindsey Graham discussed the breach on Sunday Morning Futures.

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