Public and Protesters Barred From Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing

Members of the public and protesters are barred from Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Kavanaugh-Ford hearing according to a C-SPAN producer and reporters.  The C-SPAN producer reported on the seating allotment for  stated that no seats were reserved for the public. As a result protesters are not expected to disrupt the hearing, unless they are given passes by Democrat committee members or embed themselves in the media as has happened in the past on Capitol Hill. There are reports that Capitol Police are vetting attendees and blocking protesters from the hallway in the Dirksen Building where the hearing is being held, in room 226. A small hearing room was reportedly requested by Ford.

Hundreds of screeching liberal protesters organized by Democrat-allied groups including Code pink and the Women’s March, were removed and arrested by Capitol Police during the initial Kavanaugh hearings as they continuously screamed and yelled out as Kavanaugh and Republican speakers spoke.

“C-SPAN producer note in Dirksen hearing room: 6 rows 8 chairs each (4 to each side aisle). 1st 3 rows marked stickers “Testifying Witness” or “Witness,” last 3 rows marked “RESERVED” ***no seats*** for public 48 print reporter seats reserved spread over 2 long tables flank room”

“WHO’S IN THE HEARING ROOM? Not necessarily people inclined to protest. A group of women a few minutes ago tried getting off a Dirksen Building elevator to get to the room. Capitol Police stopped them.”

“After Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing proceedings were repeatedly interrupted by protesters, and given the sensitive and extremely high-profile nature of what’s going on today, intense security on Capitol Hill and vetting of hearing room audience members”

Protesters have not disrupted the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as she has been questioned about her uncorroborated accusation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago at a drunken high school party.

Kavanaugh has not been in the room while Blasey Ford testifies. It remains to be seen whether protesters will heckle and interrupt Kavanaugh when he testifies following Blasey Ford.

Protesters, and some supporters of Kavanaugh, are present on Capitol Hill and in Senate office buildings.

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