President Trump Abruptly Cancels Labor Day Road Trip — Gets Out of SUV and Returns to White House for the Day

President Donald Trump was all set to leave the White House Monday morning for a likely round of golf at his Northern Virginia club when the trip was abruptly canceled, with the White House shortly thereafter calling a “lid” indicating Trump would remain at the White House the rest of the day.

(UPDATES at end of article.)

Pool reporter CNN’s Betsy Klein reported Trump had climbed into an SUV wearing a red polo shirt and white MAGA cap and then a few minutes later got out and walked back into the White House. Reporters in a van that was part of the presidential motorcade were then disembarked.


Klein posted a couple images of Trump leaving and then getting back out.

Klein’s fellow White House reporter ABC’s Meredith McGraw tweeted out Klein’s report:

“Weird, per pooler @betsy_klein: “The President emerged from the White House and boarded the motorcade at 10:39 am. He is wearing a bright red polo and a white Make America Great Again hat. He got out of the SUV and appeared to walk back inside the residence at 10:42 am.”

McGraw continued with more:

“The pool has now been told to unload and were not given an explanation yet for why the President got into the motorcade to leave the White House then went back inside…”

“Strange: Travel photo lid has been called, meaning President Trump will NOT be leaving the White House. The President got into the motorcade wearing golf cleats then turned back around to go inside the White House. The pool was told to unload from the vans without explanation.”

Public Pool posted pool reports by Rolling Stone’s Matt Laslo:

Pool report 1 – holding

Sticky holiday morning at 1600 with humidity hovering around 85%. No word on where were off to or whether POTUS intends to heed his own am Twitter command to Celebrate Labor Day! But theres a Virginia State Police squad car in the caravan, and most Secret Service agents are donning khakis and polos.
POTUS came out at 10:40 and chatted briefly outside his car rocking a red polo shirt, dark pants and a white #MAGA hat. Then he went back inside the residence at 10:42. Pool is holding in vans.

Pool report 2 – unloaded – not rolling

No details on whats up, but POTUS is back in residence, pool now unloaded from vans and the traveling Secret Service detail is unloading their gear.
Enjoy your day, one smiling female Secret Service agent told the pool as we strolled past.
No details from the WH on the plan for the rest of the holiday on this swampy, 85 degree morning.
Were back in the Brady Room awaiting details.

Pool report 3 – travel photo lid

At 10:58 we had a travel photo lid called.
Guess its too hot to play golf and other guesses as to what happened are emanating from the Brady Room.
And with that, were off to bbqs – happy Labor Day all!”

In 2011, President Barack Obama abruptly cut short a golf outing and returned to the White House so quickly he did not change out of his golf cleats. Later it was learned he had returned to monitor the raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

UPDATES: Since returning to the White House, President Trump tweeted criticism of AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka.

Meredith McGraw posted an update from the White House press office, “Why did the president, dressed in a polo and golf cleats, suddenly go back inside? Per WH press secretary Lindsay Walters: “The President stayed at the WH to make calls specifically on trade and other international issues. Will keep you posted if there are other updates.”

“…and other international issues…”

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