George Papadopoulos on Twitter: Clinton Friend, Connected to MI6, Sought Me Out and Lied About Our Meeting

Former Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos was sentenced on Friday to 14 days in prison after being set up by the Obama Deep State in the 2016 election.

George Papadopoulos went on CNN and ABC this weekend to discuss his role in the Spygate scandal.

Papadopoulos told the liberal anchors about how he was set up by Obama spy Stephan Halper in London after he was brought on by the Trump campaign.


Papdopoulos added that Halper began to sweat and his demeanor changed when George told him he had “no idea what you’re talking about” as far as hacking and Russians.

On Monday following his sentencing and weekend interviews George Papadopoulos went after Clinton friend Alexander Downer who also set him up and spread lies about their brief meeting.

Alexander Downer and deep state spy Stephan Halper are longtime acquaintances.

In April of this year Downer backtracked and refused to say he met with George Papadopoulos.

Now this…

Papadopoulos tweeted out on Monday that Downer sought him out and they NEVER ONCE spoke about Russian emails.

George Papadopoulos: Alexander Downer, wanted to meet under incredibly suspicious circumstances. I found it so odd that Downer, who gained notoriety in Australia for wearing women’s fish nets, invited me to “order” me to stop “bothering” his good friend David Cameron. And told me my views were hostile to British interests. So basically, for those paying attention, we have a Clinton friend, connected to the MI6, and private intelligence organizations in London, probing me about my ties to the energy business offshore Israel. Nothing about the US-Australia relationship. Yet I supposedly told THAT individual about emails. Something I have no recollection ever discussing.

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