General Flynn Breaks His Silence At TGP’s Gateway Eagle Council XLVII: “Stand Ready to Fight for Our Way of Life”

General Michael Flynn with his son Michael, Jr., General Singlaub’s daughters and Phyllis Schlafly’s son John Schlafly.

Retired General Michael Flynn, irrefutably one of the most influential military figures in modern US History, was honored on Friday at the Gateway Eagle Council Event with a General Jack Singlaub Award for Service to America.

Against the high-stakes political backdrop of the US Midterm Elections, General Flynn relayed a clear signal to Americans across the political continuum, “The urgency to act is at the doorstep of our democracy. The future of this country depends on us.”

In his silence-breaking speech, General Flynn conveyed a vital picture of America, likening her to a dynamic real-time battlefield stating, “Stand ready to fight for our way of life and traditions, as those who oppose our fundamental principles could take us down in a snap of a finger.”

“You cannot and must not be silent or take for granted that our great nation will not fall to the many threats we face around the world and some right here at home, ” he forewarned, possibly alluding to the implications of revelations contained in key FISA-related documents that numerous high ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee have urged President Trump to declassify. Purportedly, the declassification of these FISA-related documents would provide incontrovertible evidence that numerous high level officials at the FBI, DOJ, US Intelligence Agencies and potentially the Obama White House participated in a highly coordinated deception operation using known disinformation underwritten by the Clinton Campaign to not only influence the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election but then continued the operation in order to undermine the duly elected President of the United States in a clear attempt overturn a pillar of democracy — the will of the American People.

“Our enemies will try to destroy us. There are seminal moments in history and others that are monumental,” Flynn underscored, communicating a critical time-sensitive message the content of which will undoubtedly resonate with patriotic Americans across the cultural and political divide.

Here again is the full speech in case you missed our earlier posting this weekend.

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