Florida AG Pam Bondi: A Murder Suspect Would Be Treated Better than Judge Brett Kavanaugh before Senate Judiciary Committee

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi joined Sean Hannity on Friday night to discuss the ongoing investigation and abuse of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Democrats and their media pulled all the stops this month to accuse the squeaky-clean Supreme Court nominee of assault and gang-rape with zero evidence.

Pam Bondi told Sean Hannity a murder suspect would be treated better than the way Democrats treated the distinguished judge.


Pam Bondi: Sean, I’ve never in my career as a prosecutor seen anything like this. My job is also to correct the rights of the accused as a prosecutor. And a criminal murder defendant in a court room charged with murder would be treated more fairly and with more respect than Brett Kavanaugh was treated by the Senate Judiciary Committee. That committee is one of the oldest committees and was formed to handle constitutional issues. So those people need to go back and read the preamble to the Constitution. They need to read the 5th Amendment, the 6th Amendment, the rights of the accused. They need to go talk to the ACLU! Because everything about Judge Kavanaugh, He had to come in there as a guilty person and prove his innocence. And I’ve never seen anything like it in my career.

Via Hannity:

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