Dr. Ford Caught in Another Lie? Says Friend Drove Her Home But She Left Everyone at the Party?

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Did Dr. Christine Ford get caught in another lie?

Ford stated under oath that a friend drove her home from alleged incident thirty some years ago.  But she also said she left everyone at the party.  Her friend Leland was allegedly at the party with her according to Ford, but they were classmates and may not have been of legal age to drive at that time.

Dr. Christine Ford’s testimony is falling apart.

Dr. Ford mentioned that she was only age 15 at the time of the event.  Her best friend Leland (who doesn’t corroborate the event) is her same age.  The problem is the legal driving age in Maryland is age 16.


It is also illegal in Maryland for drivers under the age of 18 to carry passengers under the age of 18 exept for family members.

If these laws were on the books in the 1980s then there is no way that Ms. Ford had her friend drive her home since they were age 15. And if her friend did drive her home she would have broke the law.


Dr. Ford’s testimony in front of Congress was a travesty and riddled with inconsistencies.


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