Christine Ford’s Newly Released Polygraph Report Contradicts Previous Claims About Alleged Assault by Kavanaugh

Christine Ford’s lawyers sent the Judiciary Committee the results of a polygraph report regarding Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh–and it presented more inconsistencies.

Another peculiar thing about the written report is Brett Kavanaugh’s full name is not written out–Ford only lists a “Brett” and a “Mark” in her written portion of the polygraph report.

Christine Ford took a polygraph test from a Hilton Hotel in Maryland on August 7th; she was accompanied by her lawyer Lisa Banks–did she drive?? Isn’t Ford afraid to fly??

According to Ford’s written statement included in her polygraph test, she says there were “4 boys and a couple of girls at the party.”


This written statement directly contradicts Ford’s letter to the Senate Democrats wherein she claimed “4 others were present.”

Ford’s lawyer Debra Katz then later said in a media interview that there were four guys and one other girl at the party.

The polygraph consisted of two questions– “Is any part of your statement false?” and “Did you make up any part of your statement?” Ford answered “no” to both questions.

The media is touting Ford passed the polygraph test administered to her, however; a closer look at the report reveals more inconsistencies and raises more questions about her allegations against Kavanaugh.

Polygraph report:

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