BREAKING: Rosenstein Discussed Wearing a Wire in Plot to Take Down Trump — A SECOND TIME

As Cristina Laila reported earlier on Friday —

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last year spoke with DOJ and FBI officials about wearing a wire and secretly recording President Trump to be able to build a case that Trump is unfit to hold office.

DAG Rosenstein began plotting Trump’s removal shortly after FBI Director Comey was fired.

James Comey was fired on May 9th, 2017 and DAG Rosenstein appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump-Russia collusion a week later.


Rosenstein has been acting as Attorney General since Jeff Sessions recused himself from his duties after he was sworn in.

Rod Rosenstein denied that the earlier accusations that he was discussing wearing a wire to take down Trump.

Rod Rosenstein signed a FISA warrant to spy on Trump in June 2017.

Rosenstein signed the final FISA Renewal – sometime around June 29, 2017. After Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel on May 17, 2017.

Now this…

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt tweeted out late this afternoon the NY Times learned since their breaking report that Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire a SECOND TIME!

Oh my. The New York Times is getting the dirt on Rosenstein from a Lisa Page memo.

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