Who Is Nicolas Kimaz? Mysterious ‘Republican’ Hopes to Steal GOP Primary in Florida

The America First Agenda Super PAC, a committee organized to promote President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, is targeting a congressional candidate in Florida who wants to “Make Lebanon Great Again?”

AFA has set up the website NicolasKimazexposed.com.

The site questions Nicolas Kimaz and his questionable background.  Kmaz, changed his name from Imaz, but still goes by his given name in Lebanon, as being pro-Lebanon.

Kimaz is running as a pro-Trump candidate and pro-America congressional candidate, but just a few months ago, Kimaz told a Lebanese-based magazine that he wants to go to congress to issue laws to protect Lebanon.


Several years ago, Dr. Nicolas Kimaz, as he is known in Lebanon, told another news outlet that the Arab culture was the best culture in the world.

Lebanon has a storied history, and Beirut was once compared to Paris, but the country has suffered greatly in the past century.

This claim was made by his Republican congressional opponent Javier Manjarres on his campaign website.

Manjarres is the  conservative writer at the popular Shark Tank website in Florida.

Dr. Nicolas Kimaz appears to have really stepped in it by possibly stating this in 2008 :

“In my opinion, the Arab world doesn’t need to change, it only needs improvement. We have the best culture in the world.”

There are few people in the Western world who would agree with that statement.

Kimaz only does business with Muslim nations like Syria, Iraq, Oman, and Saudi Arabia… But not Israel.

Manjarres’ exposure of Kimaz is damning.

According to the campaign blogpost, Kimaz changed his name from Imaz to Kimaz, and has several alias.

Kimaz and his aliases were named in a federal RICO racketeering case several years ago in Los Angeles, California.

According to Manjarres, all of Kimaz’s assets are based in Lebanon, and his family still lives in Beirut.

In addition, Manjarres posted links to Arab articles showing Kimaz ran for the Lebanese Parliament in 2009, and still calls Beirut home, while stating that he lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

The winner of this race will face off with liberal Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch, who has is pushing hard for gun control.

The Florida primary elections are scheduled for August 28th.  

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