VIDEO: Liberals Repeatedly Attack NBC Reporter in Charlottesville at Black Lives Matter Protest

NBC reporter Cal Perry was repeatedly attacked by protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday night while covering a Black Lives Matter protest marking the one year anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally.

Screen images show a liberal protester approach and then attack NBC reporter Cal Perry as he filmed the protest.

Perry posted several video clips to Twitter that showed liberal protesters cursing and attacking him several times while he filmed the protest. Perry wrote that protesters were trying to grab media cameras.

As Perry was walking and filming, a man wearing a dark cap, with facial fair and clear glasses approached from his left and started cursing Perry, “Fuck you snitch ass bitch! Fuck you!”

The man swiftly approached Perry and stiff armed him and the camera with his left arm and hand. Perry tried to defuse the situation and did not fight back.

The attacks by liberals on a national network reporter covering the news come as the media is campaigning against President Donald Trump and his supporters accusing them of maybe, one day being violent with reporters when in fact no reporter has ever been attacked at a Trump rally by a Trump supporter.

It is liberals who have repeatedly attacked, beaten, robbed, even carjacked reporters for years at Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests. Yet there has never been a campaign by the media to demonize liberals for actually attacking reporters.

Individual victims like Cal Perry will complain when attacked, but no journalistic movement exists that demands liberals not attack them as they demand of Trump supporters.

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