TRUMP WINS BIGLY! TWO MORE TRUMP ENDORSEMENTS WIN — That Makes President ‘9 for 9’ in Last Three Weeks!

President Trump had another stellar night on Tuesday with his endorsements winning 2 more primary elections..

But Trump Won Bigly…

President Trump went 5 for 5 in the primary races on August 7th.
** Hawley won in Missouri.
** James won the senate primary in Michigan.
** Shuette won in Michigan.
** Balderson won in Ohio
** And Kris Kobach won the primary for governor in Kansas.

(Kris Kobach was declared the winner in Kansas.)


Trump endorsements won in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas.

The president tweeted out “5 for 5.”

Two weeks ago was another big night for President Donald Trump.

President Trump’s endorsements won in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Trump endorsed Pete Stauber in Minnesota’s 8th district.

Stauber won his race 88% to 11% in Minnesota.

And Trump endorsed Governor Scott Walker won in Wisconsin.

On Tuesday night President Trump scored two major wins in Florida.

Trump endorsed Ron DeSantis won his primary for Florida governor.
And Trump endorsed Governor Rick Scott won his senate primary race bigly.

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