South Africa’s EFF Leader Julius Malema Calls For United African Continent – With Common Language Like Swahili (Video)

In 2011 South Africa youth leader Julius Malema told his supporters that the white farmer’s land must be shared by all black Africans.

Malema was arrested for playing “Kill the Boer (white man)” song at his rallies.

Julius Malema later founded the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party.


In February Malema called for new law to confiscate land from white farmers.

The South African Parliament agreed with Malema and voted to confiscate land from white farmers without payment in February.

In March Julius Malema called on his followers to go after the white man and cut the throat of whiteness.

Earlier this month Julius Malema accused Jews and right-wingers of training snipers to stop the government’s land grab from white farmers.

Now this…

On Tuesday Julius Malema called for a united African continent.

Malema proposed Swahili as the official African language.

The South African reported:

During her first visit to the country as United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister, Theresa May, has already caught flack for her support of land expropriation without compensation.

Ironically, Malema must not have gotten this memo, as he said:

“We have nothing to say about that colonizer May. Actually, the policy of the EFF is for South Africa to pull out of the commonwealth. The commonwealth is presided over by the colonizer and we reject that. That type of respect that we give to the colonizer is the one that perpetuates white supremacy.”

United States of Africa

Following his dismissal of May and the Commonwealth, Malema went off on a tangent about a borderless African continent.

Clearly, Malema sweats the small stuff, as he lambasted the use of judicial wigs, saying:

“It is through small things that we can achieve the total freedom of South Africa. Like that wig that judges wear, what is that? Does it mean that you can only think when you wear the hair that resembles that of a white man?”

He then went on to propose a unified language for all Africans:

“We must develop a common language that can be used throughout the continent. Like Swahili, if it can be developed as the language of the continent.”

Lastly, he called for a borderless African continent, with one ruling party, saying:

“We need a border-less continent, We need one currency, one paliarment and one President that can unite the continent. We need a United States of Africa. We need one Africa.”

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