South African Racist EFF Leader Julius Malema Fires Off Shotgun at End of Rally (VIDEO)

In 2011 South Africa youth leader Julius Malema told his supporters that the white farmer’s land must be shared by all black Africans.

Malema was arrested for playing “Kill the Boer (white man)” song at his rallies.

Julius Malema later founded the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party.


In February Malema called for new law to confiscate land from white farmers.

The South African Parliament agreed with Malema and voted to confiscate land from white farmers without payment in February.

In March Julius Malema called on his followers to go after the white man and cut the throat of whiteness.

This week footage emerged of EFF leader Julius Malema appearing to fire what looks like an assault rifle at an EFF after-party rally last weekend. Malema then gives a high five to EFF chairperson Dali Mpofu.

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