President Trump Touts BOOMING ECONOMY – Takes Shot at Obama and His Failed Policies (VIDEO)

Barack Obama was the worst economic president since World War II and he first president in US history to never reach a single year of 3.0% economic growth.

Obama currently ranks as the fourth worst presidency in GDP growth at 1.457 percent. Only Herbert Hoover (-5.65 percent), Andrew Johnson (-0.70 percent) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41 percent) currently have lower average annual GDP growth than Barack Obama.

** Obama had the lowest annual GDP growth rate of any President since World War II.
** US workers under Obama made less than they did when Obama took office. Average pay in real terms slumped 4 percent from 2009-14, according to the National Employment Labor Project.
** Labor Participation rate is stuck at a 38 year low.
** The percentage of working age Americans who are actually working has barely risen from the depths of the last recession.

On Thursday during his cabinet meeting at the White House President Trump took a shot at Obama and his failed economic policies.


President Trump: We’re creating manufacturing jobs at the fastest pace in memory. During the campaign everyone said it was impossible to create manufacturing jobs. The past administration, I won’t say who but I think you know, made a statement that we’re not going to have any manufacturing jobs. And we’re doing them by the hundreds of thousands.

But, of course, the liberal media won’t report on this.

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